Cooperating organizations

Kazlų Rūda Municipality Public Health Bureau

The main objective of the Public Health Bureau is to take care of the health of the municipal population, to carry out municipal public health care regulated by the laws and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania in order to reduce morbidity and mortality, improve the quality of life and provide quality public health care services.

Public Institution Training Synergy

Areas of activity: cultural education; sports and recreation education; education; research and development; research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities; activities of children’s recreation camps; creative, artistic and entertainment activities; entertainment and recreation activities; activities of tour operators; physical well – being activities.

Kazlų Rūda Jurgis Dovydaitis Public Library

Areas of activity: collection, processing, systematization, storage, use and publication of documents; bibliography; organization and development of cultural and educational programs; ensuring access to public information sources; projects.

Association of the Disabled of Kazlų Rūda Municipality

The main goal of the organization is to represent and defend the civil, social and economic rights of people with disabilities, to promote equal opportunities, and to provide the necessary information.

Kazlų Rūda Senior Club

The Senior Club is an organization for the elderly that unites older people who want to lead an active life and participate in community activities.

Kazlų Rūda Sports Center

A modern institution of physical culture, sports, health and recreation that meets the needs of the active lifestyle of the residents of Kazlų Rūda municipality of various ages, education, social status and worldview.

Kazlų Rūda University of the Third Age

It is a non-profit, independent, voluntary public organization that ensures better social integration of older people into society, promotes their efficient, productive and meaningful life, supports their employability, physical activity, raises the level of knowledge and culture, exchanges life experiences, and maintains health. , which has legal personality and is active in the educational, social, cultural and other fields.

Kazlų Rūda Health Club "Atgaja"

The aim of the club is to promote the principles of a healthy lifestyle based on a holistic concept.

Objectives of the club: to unite individuals who are interested in a healthy lifestyle, practice it, promote it, support healthy lifestyle ideas and activities; to organize activities for the health, personal physical and spiritual development of the club members; to organize health camps, hikes and excursions; to promote the principles of a healthy diet and to promote healthy food at events; to carry out educational activities for a healthy lifestyle in society.